Thursday, 22 January 2015

Problems with iPads and the iMovie application

It could just be user-error!

I have been thinking and research the way video, multimedia with collaboration can assist us to meet the safety outcomes from within the TAS Mandatory Stage 4 Syllabus. I have used iMovie in the past but never for Year 7 TAS.  A problem we face with every class is the completion and evidence of students completing safety demonstrations and then passing tests for us to keep on file.

Teachers end up with boxes of paper tests which have to marked, recorded and stored somewhere. Students who do not achieve satisfactory marks need to re-sit the test. OnGuard is a good program when it works, or when students can log in (for various reasons), or when they have not failed the same test 3 times on the final question  and still have 3-5 more tests to complete.  From my own experiences, students with learning difficulties struggle with the online or paper based testing and the threat of not being able to complete any practical work until the safety tests are completed becomes very difficult to manage as well.

My research led me to using iPads and the consideration for inclusion of students with special needs and how can we improve this system. I know iPads can be used to make moves but I have never used mine for that , so I decided to trial it.... I'm glad I did. I'm not sure if it was my iPad and the version of the iMovie application, lack of updates, or plain user- error and incompetence.  I could not edit the video in iMovie, export it or load it directly to YouTube, via my school Google/Gmail account as per the GUI (Graphical User Interface) instructions and prompts.

I tried several times and resorted to filming my 'Student Sample' with my iPad but having to load it onto my laptop and edit it through the actual iMovie program. I did find with the new Operating System - Yosemite, the program has changed. Menus are different and functions are different. I was looking for menu paths and functions that I previously have used, but couldn't this time. One improve was the ability to Share the Project File directly as a QuickTime file to your desktop or to a social media platform without the need for 'finalising and then exporting' it first.

The filming is quite bad. My head is cut off for most of it. But hopefully it demonstrates how technology can assist in the teaching and learning of an outcome.


  1. Hi Rochelle,
    I really think you hit the nail on the head as to why sometimes technology fails to be used by teachers in the classroom with your posting.
    I know you are using a iPad (Apple technology), but just think if it was a BYOD classroom where you were having students use their own device to film, then exporting to a laptop where you have a set film editing software for them to use and you have my VET professional development classroom.
    It can be very challenging for a teacher to implement Web 2.0 technology in the classroom as I feel a teacher not only requires good teaching skills but the ability to use technology, mentor students (and other staff members) using the technology coupled with basic ICT troubleshooting issues skills to be able to ‘make thing’ work and finally the ability to know when to move onto plan ‘C’ when all else fails. ICT department and support people are great but it is my experience that ICT departments are nowhere to be found when you are teaching and have an issue, which is why personal skills and knowledge of the technology is critical.
    All that aside you have posted a fantastic set of screen grabs that show your learning journey. I do have a couple of questions around your post:
    What type of in-school ICT support do you have available for moving forward with technology in your classroom?
    Is there buy-in from all teaching staff or are you a 'lone wolf' or as I prefer 'early adopter' in your school?

  2. Hi Yvette,

    We do have IT support, two guys for 850 boys and 80 staff. They are good, but just over worked and are restricted by school policy as they are happy to stream line but face walls. Though, together, we are trying to find ways around the walls as it is absurd.

    We have been 1:1 with Mac Lap tops for the last 4-5 years. I volunteered to go on the Google Guide Volunteer group to try out new things and to try and help others from our departments, but we have to try things out for our self and try and fix things our self but asking each other as we no longer have an eLearning coordinator.

    I do wonder how other schools do it and workplaces.

    Thanks for the feedback.